What About the 60s?

The liberal religion of the 1960s produced an ever increasing set of options for Americans to choose from in order to meet their spiritual needs. A move away from traditional doctrine, the multiple mergers among mainline denominations combined with new family structures and new types of American values created a religious landscape that rejected more fundamentalist theology. Instead, this decade welcomed in an era of existentialist thought and new age religions influenced by the counter-culture and political movements of civil rights, women’s rights and anti-war demonstrations.

The 1950s household was a single-earner home. Its existence revolved…

Child Trends

In a break from the traditional blogging style, I recount my experience in residential addiction treatment, Spring 2017. I witnessed a number of different types of discrimination: racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism during my time. It had been a long time since I’d been out of my bubble where overt discrimination is rare, even on my Twitter timeline (because I very carefully curate.) It was a real wake up call. I wanted to share some of the things I observed as they relate to the concepts and theoretical frames of whiteness, model minority stereotypes, and addiction treatment. …

For some of us, you can take the homo out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the homo, and like a flock of geese in fall we eventually find our way back home. -Waves Magazines

As the ramp-up to the 2020 election loomed overhead, oppressive, hot, and undeniably humid, inevitably the pull to invoke the mythical concept of the “working white class” became, AGAIN, a strategy for both major parties. …

There is a pattern to the historical manipulation and whitewashing evident in every single victory claimed by nonviolent activists. The pacifist position requires that success must be attributable to pacifist tactics and pacifist tactics alone, whereas the rest of us believe that change comes from the whole spectrum of tactics present in any revolutionary situation, provided they are deployed effectively. Because no major social conflict exhibits a uniformity of tactics and ideologies, which is to say that all such conflicts exhibit pacifist tactics and decidedly non-pacifist tactics, pacifists have to erase the history that disagrees with them or, alternately, blame…

Vigil for Pulse Victims Midtown Atlanta 2016


The first time I fell in love with another woman, she held my hair as I vomited violently into the toilet, and then she held my secret while I came to terms with being pregnant at 17 years old.

And then she kept my secret for 10 more years after I had my first abortion.

She loved me unconditionally when my first husband demanded I sever ties with her.

A demand that came only after determining that we were too intimate and therefore too powerful to be allowed a relationship.

Women who love each other are dangerous, y’all.

She is…

Downtown Greenville, SC at night
Downtown Greenville, SC at night

A friend of a colleague posted this old article the other day (the other year, actually. This article is an edit from our first go round with this shit). The year, 2004. Swiftboating became a thing and the War on Terror™ was in its full horrific glory. Another year when another election hung in the balance of just a few states and was (and maybe will be) decided by a conservative SCOTUS to favor a Texan. Of course, that Texan really wasn’t, I feel certain Conneticut is not the South. I’ve been reading and trying to refute the “just MOVE”…

Tadshi, Shaine, and Alana after voting

I’m supposed to feel dread right now. And as the day turns to dusk, it’s creeping in, a return to Standard Time means darkness comes early and the optimism of the morning fades.

But at 5:09pm, before the polls close and the real frenetic politic fever dream begins, I’ll tell you a secret.

My cynicism? It’s founded on a boundless optimism. But, just between us gals. Don’t tell anyone.

I don’t want to reflect on four years ago. …

Picture of Southern/Appalachian States

Let’s impeach the president for hijacking our religion and using it to get elected, Dividing our country into colors, And still leaving black people neglected-Neil Young

Can’t gamble feedin’ baby on that dope money, might not always be sufficient, but the United Parcel Service and the people at the Post Office didn’t call you back because you had cloudy piss, so now you back in the trap just that, trapped.-Outkast

It’s that time again, political punditry fans, that time when the entire world lets us know how dumb, poor, Southern voters vote against our dumb, poor, hillbilly interests.

It’s hard…

An unqualified, self-hating, racist was just confirmed to the court.

But what business have nine people deciding the rights of humanity for anyone, much less 350,000,000 Americans?

I used to think SCOTUS was really the branch of government that counted. It is, as The West Wing taught me, the place where, when injustice prevailed, even the losing side had power. Where “the extraordinary dissent.…

Alana M. Anton, MA

On October 9, 2020, the FBI, following a months long investigation into an extremist right-wing group, arrested multiple members in Michigan. The group was preparing to carry out a well-rehearsed plan to kidnap and presumably assassinate the governor of MI, Gretchen Whitmer. It should not be lost in the narrative that Whitmer is the second woman governor of MI. Misogyny is an American value, right along with white supremacy.

These members included Pete Musico and Joseph Morrison of the Wolverine Watchmen. Additionally, Ty Garbin was arrested at his modest suburban home in Hartland Township, MI.


Alana Anton

Queerbilly, sociologist, mom, partner, social justice hillbilly. Let’s have a hootenanny!

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